How to buy a Blythe doll

So you want to buy a Blythe doll? Congratulations for joining this excellent hobby. This post is regularly updated and was last updated in September 2013.

Buying your first Blythe doll can be an exciting, yet daunting experience. When I bought my first Blythe doll, I had watched eBay auctions for months before I actually placed a bid. I got outbid so many times before I actually won an auction. The idea that I was spending over $100 on a doll seemed insane to me. Now I laugh at my frugal past self, having spent several hundred or even thousand dollars on dolls. A Blythe habit is a slippery slope into a spending cycle I can tell you that. I receive quite a lot of emails from Blythe newbies that are curious where and how they can buy their first dolls. Here are my tips for newbies.

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Punkaholic People Blythe

My Favourite Stock Blythe Doll: Punkaholic People

Blythe collectors from all over the world discuss their favourite stock dolls. We aim to help Blythe newbies decide which doll to buy.

Whenever I think about which doll I’d recommend to someone new to the Blythe hobby, I always come back to the same girl: Punkaholic People. Here’s why.

Great hair! A crackling black bob that sits perfectly and my Hallie didn’t need any work out of the box, which is rare these days. The short cut with bangs makes this the perfect doll to take out and photograph without fussing over long strands ruining the shot or a sidepart obscuring one eye. It’ll smooth down easily even when she’s been travelling in your bag.

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Sue Coyle pink mohair

Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Mohair

I first got in contact with Sue Coyle of on Google+ of all places. We got chatting and I discovered that Sue was well acquainted with Blythe dolls and their needs when it comes to mohair for re-roots.  Describing herself as “just a country girl”, Sue first got into mohair when she was restoring vintage troll dolls. After months of work devising her own process for turning raw unwashed wool into a finished, combed product she started selling her left over mohair in her online store on etsy. Sue cares for a pack of 21 angora goats that provide all of the mohair available in her store. Mohairhouse sells mohair in natural or vivid colours including Sue’s own original colour blends.

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Behind the Doll: Doronjo x Blythe

With her long, golden blonde hair and sparkling pink eye chips – not to mention her elaborate stock outfit – Doronjo x Blythe is certainly one of the most striking Neo Blythe releases ever. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous beyond belief. Released in early 2009 as a limited edition of 3000 dolls, her price on the secondary market quickly doubled – and even now, she’s far from cheap. She’s a beautiful doll – but what’s her story?

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